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May 22, 2018, 5:30 p.m.
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May 22, 2018, 5:30 p.m.
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One in ten Hispanics say hard rock and metal are the genres that most reflect their lives

This is America –a country too diverse to be defined by a single music genre. At least that’s what a majority of Americans (72%) believe, according to a new survey conducted by . That said, half of the country (50%) believes that America, as it is today, is best represented by rap and hip-hop. The survey spans twenty musical genres and the leading genres today may be rap and hip-hop, but nearly as many believe that country music (47%) reflects American values. Others also consider pop (42%), classic rock (38%), and RB (32%) to be strong representatives of American culture. YouGov also asks which genres people thought represent “classic Americana”. Before giving way to rap and hip-hop, a majoritysay that country (57%) and classic rock (56%) once defined America. Other genres that people believe depict America’s past include the blues (52%), jazz (39%), and folk music (33%). Race appears to play a factor in determining which genres people believe embody the core of America. Whites are more likely to believe that country music (54%) defines America today, though nearly half believe that rap and hip-hop (49%) do too. Blacks are the most likely to hold that rap and hip-hop (69%) is representative of America today, followed by RB (53%). When it comes to personal preference, one in five Americans say thatclassic rock (20%) most reflects their lives. Again, race influences the genre that people are most likely to choose. The leading response among whites is classic rock (27%), followed by country (16%). Blacks are most likely to say that RB music (28%) is the genre that best reflects their lives, followed by rap and hip-hop (17%). Hispanics say Latin music (24%) best reflects their lives, though one in ten say that hard rock and metal (10%) do the same. One in two Americans (50%) believe that age is more influential than race or gender in determining the type of music people listen to. Millennials are more likely to believe that alternative and indie music (14%) best represents their lives, while those 35 and older say that classic rock best depicts their lives. In regards to the genre that has the most diverse artists, a quarter of Americans believe that rap and hip-hop (25%) own that top spot too. Nearly as many believe that all genres are equally diverse (24%). Americans'taste in music will likely get more diverse, especially as more artists collaborate with one another across genres. The mixing of genres is something many Americans say they like; nearly one in two (48%) favor musicians sampling from other musical genres in their own songs. Learn more about

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From MPR News

The band Hüsker Dü emerged in the late 1970s as one of the definitive punk acts from the midwest. Hear the story of their formation and career in the words of the band's members and those that celebrate their indelible mark on rock music. Desert Boots Chukka for Men On Sale Light Grey Suede leather 2017 10 5 8 95 Tods Clearance Big Sale Discount Amazon Brand New Unisex Online For Sale Very Cheap D7b1Qe

The third episode of this history of the Twin Cities punk rock greats finds Bob Mould, Grant Hart, and Greg Norton hitting the road, turning itself into America's fastest hardcore band, making its classic first recordings — 1982's Land Speed Record and "In a Free Land" and 1983's Everything Falls Apart — and making national waves. Featuring interviews with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Henry Rollins (Black Flag).

The tension between Husker Du members Bob Mould, Grant Hart, and Greg Norton is beginning to show in the fourth of five episodes dedicated to the band's history — but the music is too great to deny. This episode covers the SST years, in which the Huskers released a string of masterpieces, including the 1984 double album Zen Arcade.

In the first of this illuminating five-part history of the great Twin Cities punks Husker Du, we meet the band before they became a band, following Grant Hart and Greg Norton as they grow up in St. Paul, and then encounter Bob Mould, a new kid at Macalester College with a Flying V guitar and a love for punk rock equal to theirs.

Husker Du signs to Warner Bros., breaks up, and lives on in a new box set from the Numero Group in this jam-packed fifth episode. Featuring candid, funny, and insightful interviews with members Bob Mould, Greg Norton, and the late Grant Hart, Do You Remember's finale goes deep on the classics Candy Apple Grey and Warehouse: Songs and Stories, the band's split, and the new early-years compendium 'Savage Young Du.'

The second in this intimate five-part history of the great Twin Cities band Husker Du follows Bob Mould, Grant Hart, and Greg Norton as they form a band and move from playing covers (as Buddy and the Returnables) to prolific songwriters, becoming a pillar of the Minneapolis-St. Paul punk community.

The world lost Grant Hart on September 13, 2017. He co-founded, wrote songs for, and drummed in the influential St. Paul trio Husker Du, inspiring legions of bands with his raw and poetic charm. Brian Oake hosts this special mini-episode with quotes from Lori Barbero, Greg Norton, Bob Mould and Grant Hart himself. Stay tuned for full episodes, coming soon.

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